Want to stay close to the city and still go on adventures? Vlora Bay offers a diverse selection of diving sites. Explore safely with Oazi Blu and our PADI Instructors this beautiful slice of heaven where the two seas (Ionian and Adriatic) meet each other. There are plenty of underwater treasures to be explored along Vlora Bay, and by treasures, we mean wrecks.
There are more than 4 main wrecks in along this bay only, including the famous “Po Shipwreck”, an Italian hospital ship from WWII (18 m long ship, 36m under water) that sunk here in 1941. Other famous shipwrecks: Piroscafo Luciano Wreck; Andromeda Wreck; Intrepido Wreck. Vlora Bay offers some quite shallow wrecks for beginner divers.
Other attractions to explore are the coral and marine life that thrives in the area, as well as old relics from WWI and WWII. After your dive you can easily go back to enjoying your onshore adventures that the area offers.