Karaburun-Sazan is the only National Marine Park in Albania, it covers a marine area of 1.9 km and extends along the coast of the Karaburun peninsula and the island of Sazan. In the Karaburun-Sazan Maritime Park you will find the ruins of ancient Greek, Roman, and World War II ships. You will witness rich underwater ecosystem, with its limestone cliffs, giant caves and isolated beaches, also boasts by the ancient inscriptions of seafarers on the shore. An ultimate attraction of the zone are the Coralligenous communities and other vulnerable marine habitats. Coralligenous outcrops host some of the protected and commercially valued species, such as the red coral. Due to its diversity, coralligenous is considered as one of the most attractive seascapes for scuba diving in the world.
We offer an immense number of diving sites in the “Sazan-Karaburun” underwater protected area. With all sorts of reliefs, compositions, depths, clear water, wildlife, various unique natural physical phenomena such as massive migrations, caves, etc. The area is offers appropriate diving sites for all levels of divers.
Even though part of the same National Marine Park, the island and the peninsula offer different diving experiences. For example, in the north and northwest of the island it is possible to witness a volcanic geological phenomenon with flows of sulfur-containing gases and waters that can be observed and enjoyed by divers. In the western part we can escort you to see an underwater rock rising from 45m deep to 6m. Another must-dive experience around the island is the “Gryka e Xhenhemit”, an extraordinary underwater cave.
While the Karaburun Peninsula is all about exploring the numerous diving sites along the coast. Some of the diving sites are: Kepi i Gjuhezes, Gjiri i Dafines, Gjiri i Bristanit, Gjiri i Englezit, Gjiri i Grames etj (even the sound of if gives you excitement right?)
The one of a kind National park offers Caves, reefs, relics, historical remains, crystal clear waters, rich fauna and flora sudden physical phenomena and more!