The Best of Ionian Riviera

The best of Ionian Riviera Diving road trip


Nr. of Dives

2 Dives



Group Size

1 to 10 People

Dive from:


The Ionian coast (from Cape Tongue) and the accessible part even without boats (from Palasa, to Saranda) with very clear waters, magnificent relief, rich in life, and history from which, in these waters are preserved many archives such as amphorae from all historical periods, etc., are very suitable for shore diving.


Meeting at Oazi Blu Diving Center Vlore or hotel / Paperwork / Equipment etc


Coffee break at Logora Pass


First dive


Second dive


Loging dives


Return in Hotel

Full equipment rental: 20 €/day
Equipment Rental Includes: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Regulator & Wetsuit, Torch, Dive computer

What you need to know before booking:

Children under the age of 8 year are not allowed to dive

If you are pregnant you cannot attend

There should be no blockages in the airways (lightning, flu, colds, etc.)

You need to bring with you and show the diving license (plastic or digital) which should respond to the type of diving we want to perform

What should I have with me?

  • Certification Card
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
  • Cash for tips etc
  • Physician signed Medical Statement (is required by local lows)
  • Summer windbreaker jacket

Please Note

If you require a Medical Statement for Diving, please be aware that they need to be renewed by your physician every 12 months.

Flying After Diving

You need to allow a minimum of 18 hours after completing your dives before flying

Have Any Question?

Do not hesitage to give us a call. We are an expert team and we are happy to talk to you.